Repository Setup

The repository is a PostgreSQL (>=9.5) database. It let temboard store its data, including users, agent registration and metrics data.

Usage of plugin supervision requires tablefunc extension. This extension is available as part of the extensions shipped with the source code of PostgreSQL, in the contrib/ directory. Usually, the "contrib" package of PostgreSQL from your Linux distribution has it.


To ensure the browsing of the web interface is fast enough, please note the work_mem parameter PostgreSQL cluster hosting the repository should be set to at least 16MB.


To acces the repository, temboard needs to have its own user and database. To create them on a typical PostgreSQL setup, run the following commands:

sudo -u postgres createuser temboard -l -P
sudo -u postgres createdb -O temboard temboard

Authentication with password

The PostgreSQL user temboard must be allowed to connect to the repository database using password authentication (md5), please ensure the pg_hba.conf is configured accordingly. The password of temboard user should be set in the temboard configuration file, under section [repository], parameter password.

For example, if the PostgreSQL cluster is on the same host as temboard, the following lines can be added to the pg_hba.conf file.

Insert the following lines before the first line that is not a comment:

local   temboard   temboard     md5
host    temboard   temboard   md5
host    temboard   temboard   ::1/128   md5

If the PostgreSQL cluster is on th different host, replace by the IPv4 address (keeping /32) of the host of temboard and ::1 by its IPv6 address (keeping /128). Reload the configuration of the PostgreSQL cluster to activate the changes.


temboard SQL schema must be loaded. The schema is stored in the SQL files located in /usr/share/temboard after the installation:

psql -U temboard -1 -v'ON_ERROR_STOP=on' -f /usr/share/temboard/sql/application.sql temboard

If you plan to use the plugin supervision:

sudo -u postgres psql -U postgres -c "CREATE EXTENSION tablefunc" temboard
psql -U temboard -1 -v'ON_ERROR_STOP=on' -f /usr/share/temboard/supervision.sql temboard

Configuration of temBoard

The last step is to configure temBoard to access the database. Edit /etc/temboard/temboard.conf and configure the parameters under the [repository].

Then start the temboard service and check the log file (/var/log/temboard/temboard.log by default).